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Provide full service investment advice to clients. Build and manage a book of business including common and preferred shares, investment trusts, new issues, bonds and investment funds. Provide referrals to the bank branches and other subsidiaries for products and services when deemed appropriate. Provide the services of a Certified Financial Planner. Provide clients with the services of a Certified Financial Planner. Market in house mutual funds, Pooled funds and third party mutual funds. Make referrals to the trust company, discount brokerage, full-service brokerage and bank staff when deemed appropriate. Build and manage a book of business.

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On May 15, , one day after the Bombing of Rotterdam the Dutch forces capitulated. Subsequently the Dutch government and the royal family went into exile in London. The occupying forces were supported by a minority of the Dutch. Active resistance was carried out by a small minority which grew in the course of the four-and-a-half years of the occupation. The Germans deported the majority of the country’s Jews to concentration camps, with the assistance of the Dutch police and civil service: The rest, especially the west of the country, suffered from the Hunger Winter.

On May 5, , the whole country was liberated by the Allied Forces. The defense budget was not increased until Nazi Germany remilitarized the Rhineland in The budget was further increased in after the annexation of Austria and occupation of the Sudetenland and the German invasion of Poland. The colonial government also increased their military budget because of increasing tension with the Japanese Empire.

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With a population of more than 1 million including the suburbs, it is the third-largest city in the Netherlands, after Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Located in the west of the Netherlands, The Hague is in the centre of the Haaglanden conurbation and lies at the southwest corner of the larger Randstad conurbation. The Hague is the seat of the cabinet of the Netherlands , the States General , the Supreme Court , and the Council of State , but the city is not the capital of the Netherlands , which constitutionally is Amsterdam.

The Hague is also home to the world headquarters of Royal Dutch Shell and numerous other major Dutch companies. History Early history The Hague originated around , when Count Floris IV of Holland purchased land alongside a pond, the present-day Hofvijver , in order to build a hunting residence. In , his son and successor William II , King of the Romans , decided to extend the residence to a palace, which would later be called the Binnenhof Inner Court.

Report Story Author’s Note: And that’s mostly because I’ve just recently started my master program for molecular pathology this summer and everything they gave me just hit me hard and fast. I need to get my shit together if I’m going to survive because if my grades get below a 70, I’m automatically kicked out of the course. So I’m stressed and panicky and a little anxious.

I didn’t even finish the next chapter like I wanted to because I can’t focus on writing it. Once I get into summer break in July, I’ll try to write two-three chapters per week if possible. Just like the outside of the building, the reception area is very extravagant, but in a more subtle way.

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Argentina[ edit ] Argentina was the first country on the continent of South America to use Paratroopers. The members of the unit wear Boina Rojas of the paratroopers with unit badges. As of it consists of: Airborne forces of Australia Airborne forces raised by Australia have included a small number of conventional and special forces units. In the post-war period Australia’s parachute capability was primarily maintained by special forces units.

In November it discovered the first of 96 “ski sites” for the V-1 flying bomb. Officials debated the extent of the German weapons’ danger; some viewed the sites as decoys to divert Allied bombers, while others feared chemical or biological warheads. V-2 facilities were also bombed in , including smaller facilities such as V-2 storage depots and liquid oxygen plants, such as the Mery-sur-Oise V-2 storage depot [4] on August 4, and, by the Eighth Air Force , which bombed five cryogenic LOX plants in Belgium on August 25, and aborted the next day “to hit liquid oxygen plants at La Louviere, Torte and Willebroeck, Belgium The British, who had not expected German bombing of Britain to resume so late in the war, were especially upset.

Some suggested using gas on the launch sites, or even executing German civilians as punishment. Strategic Air Forces in Europe USTTAF , responded on June 28 [19] to “complain that Crossbow was a ‘diversion’ from the main task of wearing down the Luftwaffe and bombing German industry” for the Combined Bomber Offensive , and to recommend instead that Crossbow be a secondary priority since “days of bad weather over Germany’s industrial targets would still allow enough weight of attack for the rocket sites and the lesser tactical crises.

Kugellagerwerke , d Vehicular production” Eisenhower, July Spaatz unsuccessfully proposed that attacks concentrate on the Calais electrical grid, and on gyrocompass factories in Germany and V-weapon storage depots in France. The gyrocompass attacks, along with targeting liquid oxygen tanks which the Allies knew the V-2 needed , might have been very effective against the missiles. The V-1 threat from occupied France ended on September 5, , when elements of the 7th Canadian Reconnaissance Regiment and the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division contained the German military units of the Nord-Pas de Calais area with their surrender following on September Allied reconnaissance detected two sites at Vlaardingen and Ypenburg , and along with a third at Delft , they launched V-1s at London from March 3—


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It addresses aircraft weight and operational cost reductions as well as animprovement in the flight profile specific aerodynamic performance. This concerns material concepts enabling a conformal, controlled distortion of aerodynamicallyimportant surfaces, material concepts enabling an active or passive status assessment of specificairframe areas with respect to shape and potential damages and material concepts enablingfurther functionalities which to date have been unrealizable.

Past research has shown the economic feasibility and system maturity of aerodynamic morphing. However, few projects concerned themselves with the challenges arising from the structuralintegration on commercial aircraft. In particular the skin material and its bonding to the substructureis challenging. It is the aim of this project proposal to demonstrate the structuralrealizability of individual morphing concepts concerning the leading edge, the trailing edge and thewinglet on a full-size external wing by aerodynamic and structural testing.

Operational requirements on morphing surfaces necessitate the implementation of an independent,integrated shape sensing system to ensure not only an optimal control of the aerodynamic surfacebut also failure tolerance and robustness. Developments made for structural health monitoring willbe adapted to this task. Similar systems optimized for rapid in-service damage assessment haveprogressed to a maturity which allows their inclusion in the next generation of aircraft.

However,the time consuming application of these sensor systems has to be further improved by integrationat the component manufacturing level.

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It turned me from a clueless youth, still wet behind the ears, into a combat veteran able to make split-second decisions that would separate the quick from the dead — although some of our bravest were not quite so fortunate or perhaps lucky. From the very moment I was ambushed and wounded in Normandy on June 6, , my powers of concentration grew beyond all previous recognition.

While I was totally unaware of it at the time, my parents played a huge part in arming me with the attitude and mind-set I would need to cope with the demands of military life. The ones from many different lands and cultures, who came to America to breathe free and climb the financial ladder, through nothing but hard work and a selfless devotion to their new country. When he discovered that the quickest route to American citizenship was through the armed forces, he quickly enlisted and by the end of the year, was on his way to face the same old enemy, but this time wearing a different uniform.

After being honorably discharged, he married my mother, Anna, who had just arrived in the United States. Multiply Alfonso DiCarlo and Anna Lolli by several millions and one can more fully understand the impact they had on a growing nation. Suffering from acute agrophobia, I reasoned that this was a sure way to conquer my fear of heights! When I informed my parents of my fait accompli I was surprised by their response.

With Allied forces solidly entrenched in France, the high command was looking for ways to expand upon their successes and shorten the war. Eindhoven and the bridges at Nijmegen and Arnhem were the keys to that success. In essence, we were to open the road to enable the armor from the British Second Army to speed unimpeded to its intended targets in the Ruhr.

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There are no contemporary documents describing it, and later sources are often of dubious reliability. What is certain is that The Hague was founded by the last counts of the House of Holland. Floris IV already owned two residences in the area, but presumably purchased a third court situated by the present-day Hofvijver in , previously owned by a woman called Meilendis. Presumably, Floris IV intended to rebuild the court into a large castle, but he died in a tournament in , before anything was built.

He died in before this palace was completed but parts of it were finished during the reign of his son Floris V , of which the Ridderzaal “Knights’ Hall” , still intact, is the most prominent.

From the 13th century on the counts of Holland used The Hague as their administrative centre and residence when in Holland. Today this name is only used in some official documents like birth and marriage certificates. The city itself uses “Den Haag” in all its communication. Their seat was located in The Hague. In order for the administration to maintain control over city matters, The Hague never received official city status although it did have many of the privileges normally granted only to cities.

After the separation of Belgium in , Amsterdam remained the capital of the Netherlands, while the government was situated in The Hague. It does not have a cramped inner city, bordered by canals and walls. When the government started to play a more prominent role in Dutch society after , The Hague quickly expanded. Because of navigational errors, the bombs fell on a heavily populated and historic part of the city.

The city expanded massively to the southwest.

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