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Glocalizing Bogota in Texas: Although Austin, Texas is regarded as a national center for technology and education, its fitful development into a major city has been marked with transportation networks straining to keep pace with its rapid growth. At the inception of these projects, the organizations behind these projects, the Capital Metro transportation agency and the City of Austin, emphasized the links between these projects and similar projects in Bogota, its bus rapid transit BRT system and Ciclovia. Similarly, Viva Streets runs only once a year on limited road segments that rarely offer connectivity between different parts of city, giving it limited usefulness as a transportation option for cyclists in the city. These adaptations may reflect the local environment in Austin — both projects seem to be designed to keep motorist inconvenience to a minimum. In that sense, they are examples of glocalization, adapting practices from one culture to suit the needs of another. Unfortunately, the adaptations for Austin have made these projects less useful.

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Its an analysis of the academic disciplines most reliant on EU research and innovation funding at a granular level. The full report dissects the information further considering the funding across disciplines, institutions, industrial sectors, company sizes and UK regions. It differentiates between the absolute value of the research grant income from EU government bodies, and the relative value of research grant income from EU government bodies with respect to research grant income from all sources, including how the EU funding interacts with other funding sources.

About Technopolis Group. Technopolis Group is the pre-eminent provider of policy advice and support to decision making – grounded in evidence and experience – to organisations and people with a mission to address environmental and societal challenges and achieve economic growth by means of science, technology, innovation and education.

TalentMatch is focusing on matching the relevant type and level of skills. Also, the JobGo work behaviour and personality test is a unique way to find the candidates that match the work environment, enjoy the tasks offered and have the preferred working style. Moreover, professionals have the option to display their expertise anonymously, which from the company perspective offers a possibility to also reach passive job seekers.

They can apply for a pitching slot, where companies have a few minutes to present themselves to the audience as interesting employers, while individuals similarly explain their skills to a room full of potential employers. Secondly, we have thousands of international students in our universities who want to stay in Finland after completing their studies. To secure a return on the investment Finland has made in providing this education, we need to make sure we have an effective and efficient platform where their expertise can be found.

Finally, Finland is not immune to demographic changes. Already the number of people leaving the labour market is larger than the number coming in. In other words, the growth of the labour force relies solely upon immigration. FI Helsinki Times can be read with a subscriber code provided by the publisher or subscription office.

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Why should you apply to Plug and Play? No equity required Stop giving equity to accelerators. We do not ask participating startups to give up any ownership. We would much rather invest in your next round of funding fairly. Stage agnostic Our programs are for companies of all stages from seed to Series C and beyond.

The aim is to identify actions needed now to mitigate risks and exploit opportunities for UK science, research and innovation after Brexit. To help inform the initiative the Committee is inviting written submissions by 5 February. The Committee will invite participants for the Summit. Individuals and bodies can nominate themselves by emailing scitechcom parliament. The project has asked individuals and organisations from the UK and EU for thoughts on how future research and innovation partnerships should work in practice.

The final recommendations will be published in spring It has agreed in principle that the UK will continue to pay net contributions until the end of the current financial framework in December and as a result will continue to benefit from EU programmes during this period, including Horizon If an agreement is reached, projects approved during this period will be able to continue with an uninterrupted flow of EU funding.

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The 6 parts of the eHealth Forum event are interconnected and interdependent: The Exhibition, Startup Garden and Education are open to the general public for free. The Exhibition is the first and only health tech development and innovation initiative open to all, and is set up in a creative space at the New Retorts Building specifically designed for the needs of this unique audience. Connect with our community of researchers, professors, international tech companies; meet developers and entrepreneurs creating innovative business models and solutions.

Get hands-on experience and share ideas to be a part of the movement that will launch new applications to benefit you.

Venue Plenty of space for ideas and business to grow. Technopolis is an industrial museum and a major cultural venue at the very center of Athens, in Gazi next to Keramikos. It has been in operation since and is situated in the city’s former gasworks which were founded in , occupying an area of about Numerous exhibitions, seminars, music concerts and other cultural activities take place in the grounds, bringing out the lively and creative atmosphere of the space and area!

Joaquin Soucheiron bwcon Germany Multilingual Lean thinker and entrepreneur: Accredited coach for hi-tech startups hardware and software. Expert continuous improvement Toyota Production Systems applied to sales, startups and innovative companies. Cynthia Mackey Winning Strategies LLC Ireland Cynthia Mackey has over 20 years experience in the fields of manufacturing, telecommunications, Internet services, product marketing, digital marketing and entrepreneurship.

She has 2 primary areas of focus: Robert develops innovative and successful companies and supports young entrepreneurs who plan to build up their own Startup. Carmen Hughes Ignite PR With more than fifteen years experience, Carmen Hughes has honed her expertise counseling technology-focused companies and organizations of all sizes in the area of public relations, content marketing and social media. She helps companies scale their business by expanding company awareness and product visibility in the market.

Corinna Voss bwcon GmbH Responsible for the coordination of European projects in the field of technology transfer, commercialisation and access to finance Corinna is responsible for the project management of the FP7 project European Investor Gate which bridges the gap between public research funding and private investment, and for the Horizon project InvestHorizon which aims at making SMEs investment ready.

Myrto Papathanou Action Finance Initiative AFI Myrto Papathanou has 11 years of work experience in the fields of finance and entrepreneurship, and has also been involved in several non-profit projects around the world.

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Gallen, and Prof Dr Sabina Misoch, will be leading this workshop. Gallen to better understand the desires and needs of their citizens and to draw up a strategy to develop and implement appropriate AAL solutions to support them. One of the major challenges of this project is the design and implementation of AAL solutions in a small and rural setting, taking the broad scope of capabilities and requirements of people between 65 and 90plus into consideration.

During this workshop we will present the first results of the survey and take the opportunity to discuss the approach of the survey, to explore ways of implementing our strategy throughout Europe, to generate new ideas around this subject and to strengthen the main arguments for an AAL based smart environment in small and rural municipalities. Workshop 2 — 9h h30 Destigmatisation in the silver economy:

Introduction This report highlights the findings and recommendations of the evaluations of the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme CIP and its sub-programmes, formulates the Commission’s response to the evaluations’ recommendations and sets out follow-up measures. Thereby the Commission complies with the requirement of Article 8 5 of the Decision establishing the CIP[1] to communicate interim and final evaluations of the Framework Programme and of its specific programmes to the European Parliament, the Council and the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions.

Its objectives are in line with the flagship initiatives of the Europe Strategy, where smart, sustainable and inclusive growth is a key priority for EU intervention to strengthen the EU economy. The CIP aims at contributing to the competitiveness and innovative capacity of the Union as an advanced knowledge society, with sustainable development based on robust economic growth and a highly competitive social market economy with a high level of protection and improvement of the quality of the environment.

This Framework Programme supports innovation activities including eco-innovation , provides better access to finance and delivers business support services in the regions; it encourages a better take-up and use of information and communication technologies ICT , helps to develop the information society and also promotes the increased use of renewable energies and energy efficiency. In particular, it states that the Framework Programme and its specific programmes shall be subject to interim and final evaluations to measure the impact of the Framework Programme, and each of the specific programmes, against its objectives, including competitiveness, innovation, entrepreneurship, productivity growth, employment and environment.

The Decision also stipulates that the interim evaluation of the Framework Programme had to be completed by 31 December and the final evaluation by 31 December , and that the interim and final evaluations of the specific programmes should be arranged in such a way that their results can be taken into account in the interim and final evaluation of the Framework Programme. The interim and final evaluations have aimed at:


Workshop 10 – Growing the AAL market: Paul Simmonds, director at Technopolis Ltd. Based on this research, which includes annual reports on market and investment information and the organisation and running of various engaging investors events, Simmonds and Farla will present these results and moderate interactive panel discussions and group work. Sitting on the expert panel is: An expert panel will then present their ideas for growing and transforming the AAL market in Europe, looking at the challenges and potential strategies for success.

Share BusinessOulu dictionary Acts from Oulu highlights good examples of how anyone can contribute to the development of their residential community. The Acts are awarded by Oulun yhteismarkkinointi. End users normally use the services via their avatars, for example on the RealXtend platform developed in Oulu. It is a major investment program of the European Commission and has nearly 30 partners. The capacity demand for mobile communications and wireless communication traffic will be almost a thousand fold in ten years.

Even though information traffic between both humans and machines will increase significantly, it still has to be efficient, easy and safe. Some of the top researchers in the field from the ICT Department at the University of Oulu are working together in order to face this challenge. In the test network, critical new technologies can be developed and the performance of the novel technologies can be tested in a realistic environment. Air sector consists of cleantech companies whose technologies are used for air purification and for reducing carbon monoxide emissions.

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Many private companies were created in order to realize the Flemish waste policy and to collect, sort and recycle all kinds of waste. But is this industry ready to take the next step and go to a circular economy. Is our policy ready to do this?

Personally, I take pride in having been involved in this collaboration as early as Awarded with best practice awards, ZENIT GmbH is of vital importance for us as a competent and reliable partner in our work with small and medium-sized companies in North-Rhine Westphalia. ZENIT is an important partner here. I had the pleasure to cooperate with Zenit several years for the benefit of SMEs operating in the environmental sector, and indeed Zenit is an innovative, dedicated and trusted partner always operating in a co-operative manner.

A hearty “Keep it up! This applies particularly with regard to the utilisation of public funds for our development projects, as well as to the systematic expansion of our activities abroad. In the realisation of our objective of marketing our innovative laser technology more proactively in other EU countries, we have often profited over the past years from ZENIT’s support and its contacts throughout the EU.

Therefore, professional and comprehensive consultancy helping forge pioneer ideas into viable business models and strategies is all the more essential. With its 25 years of experience in highly diverse activities related to modern technology dissemination, ZENIT is a truly reliable and trusted partner, capable of coping with most innovative undertakings swiftly and efficiently. Thanks to professionalism and commitment of this successfully thriving public-private partnership European entrepreneurs are becoming leaders in business and management innovation.

ZENIT GmbH made an important contribution to capacity building within our organisation and over the years our two organisations have consolidated a very professional and collegial working relationship. A few years later, we both were among the pioneers in the Value programme which later became the largest European technology transfer network. We have been proud to collaborate in organizing match making events during large fairs whether in Germany Medica, Entsorga, or in France Pollutec and in elaborating more efficient tools and methodologies for the network.

The delegates felt very welcome and thus the foundation was laid for successful business links to German partners.

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