Tunable white

First, do you actually need a tunable white system? What colour temperature range do you need for your project? Does your preferred product maintain a consistently high level of colour rendition throughout its range? Gelieve een andere browser te gebruiken. Deze site gebruikt voor de weergave van interactieve content moderne webstandaarden zoals HTML CSS en JavaScript.

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Om deze site te kunnen gebruiken, dient u een andere, . Op een vergelijkbare manier . The right light can have a favorable effect on various physiological processes in the human body. Creeër een natuurlijke lichtomgeving met tunable white LED producten. Lees meer over tunable white , hoe werkt het en wat zijn de voordelen?

The advancement of LED lighting technology and the proliferation of cost effective LEDs have brought the capability of tunable white lighting into the mainstream of lighting design, and to a much broader customer audience, but this . Zijn er meer toepassingen voor het regelen van de kleurtemperatuur. Waar moet je oplossingen met regelingen voor de kleurtemperatuur toepassen?

Het eenvoudige antwoord is eigenlijk in alle ruimtes met weinig daglicht of ruimtes waar men om een andere reden de kleurtemperatuur wil kunnen variëren. An overview of how Tuneable White works with LED. Tridonic is a leading manufacturer of lighting components.

Our innovative solutions are used worldwide successfully in the lighting industry. A combination of technical expertise and our distinct customer focus makes us the preferred partner for lighting components, lighting management systems and LEDs. With the right colour temperature and illumination it is pos- sible to feel comfortable despite artificial lighting whether you are working in an office, studying at . What is Human Centric Lighting (HCL)? This promotes feelings of well-being and productivity for people who spend big part of their day indoors in artificial light, . Add the FineTune controls system to easily tailor the lighting to match user preference.

With simple elegance, nLight delivers dimming and color tuning effects at the touch of a button. Tunable White Luminaires and FineTune Controls. Dikte montageoppervlak, n. Product Family Information. Philips tunable white lighting solutions provide more than illumination. Through a combination of light quality, color, and intensity, they help create environments that can be tailored to occupants needs and preferences.

For more detailed information and video click here. Aura Light introduceert producten in tunable white. Hiermee is het mogelijk om de kleurtemperatuur in te stellen van warm white naar cool white, zodat het aan te passen is naar de persoonlijke voorkeuren.

From waiting rooms to emergency departments, healthcare spaces are flexible by nature. Patient rooms are also multi-functional spaces that include exam, visiting, sleeping and task areas. Boasting elevated luminous flux, excellent colour rendering, energy efficiency, and a light compact design, Airlite is an innovative range of LED spotlights with exceptional photometric performance and flexibility. Thanks to an innovative heat dissipation system, air is filtered through open gaps in the die-cast aluminium body . May Bridgelux, a leading developer and manufacturer of LED lighting technologies, is introducing its Vesta Series platform of tunable white and dim-to- warm . Balanced colour temperature and light intensity. The right combination of light intensity and colour temperature makes all the difference in whether we feel comfortable in a room.

When the light intensity is low, the colour temperature must be warmer, and the temperature must be cooler when the light intensity . Ideal for architectural lighting, object . Blanco Logic Modules from Wattstopper enable fixtures to deliver the highest quality tunable lighting available while offering multiple intuitive control options. Many health care lighting professionals have a good understanding of the possibilities of this technology, which is a system of cool and warm white light-emitting diodes .