Torque motors

ETEL offers the most comprehensive standard torque motors range in the industry. With more than 1models to choose from, almost any requirement can be successfully fulfilled. Torque motors are a special class of brushless permanent-magnet synchronous motors.

Since the payload is directly connected to the rotor without the use of transmission elements, torque motors are cla. In this mode of operation, the motor will apply a steady torque to the load (hence the name). The high-poled permanent-magnet-excited synchronous motors are fully integrated into the machine with no mechanical transmission elements such as gears.

A torque motor that cannot perform a complete rotation is known . They can be used wherever a rotary movement is required and offer numerous advantages over conventional servo drives. Based in Rednal, Shropshire we offer a comprehensive range of used performance car parts at an affordable price. External Rotor Direct-Drive Torque Motors – ACT Series. ACT -series direct-drive torque motors feature an external outer rotor design and the option of resolver, SinCos or absolute encoder feedback. Available with 400VAC windings, torques to 30Nm, power ratings to 0. W and speeds to 2min-1.

It can also lower costs, simplify designs, and reduce wear.

Modern machine concepts demand dynamics and precision. High- torque motors from BR offer a high level of dynamics and positioning accuracy with compact sizes and provide users the highest degree of flexibility when designing their machines. Locked rotor operation is available.

Unlike induction motors or reversible motors, torque motors are designed to provide a stable torque even under stall conditions or at very low speeds (nearly stalling). They are suitable for pushing applications that require static torque, or for loads that are usually under a locked rotor. Torque Motors – Extreme Flight RC is proud to present to you our Torque line of brushless outrunner motors. Each Torque Outrunner includes a radial mount, p. The current generation of torque motors display outstanding, unprecedented performance characteristics.

These are achieved through the optimum combination of the appropriate bearing and the required measuring system. IDAM recommends different motor types for specific applications, which are perfect with regard to . HIWIN Corporation manufactures varying series of Torque Motor Rotary Tables for an array of machining and industrial applications. SONCEBOZ offers a wide range of DC brushless actuators.

The DC brushless actuator is specially designed for automotive engine controls. Our DC brushless can be tailored to customers applications. AC 3-Phase Inverter Duty Gearmotors and Motors. AC Parallel Shaft Gearmotors.

AC Right Angle Gearmotors.

AC Comparative Advantages .