Raspberry pi camera projects

There is a ton of cool projects that you can do with a camera. Raspberry Pi as low-cost HD surveillance camera – CodeProject . Another great home project is to set up a camera module to take photos or stream video, capture and save files, or streamed internally or to the internet. There are many reasons you might want to do this, but two common use cases are for a homemade security camera or to monitor a pet. You want to keep your home secure, and may even go to extremes with that, but chances are, most people would find a video camera on your door to be too intrusive.

Stefan Knight has written an excellent article on how to run this whole project on a model A. We also wanted the ability to view the live video stream from the camera on demand. My wife was not so convince and starting listing the dozens of unfinished projects I currently have on my backlog. Hardware setup is easy for beginners and the software installation is simple.

Contribute to resin-rpi-python- picamera development by creating an account on GitHub. The last part of the project is to create a website, reachable from the local network, used for enabling and disabling security system. The great thing is that almost every . Motion is free, open source motion detector . Build a miniature camcorder.

Devised by Wayne Keenan, the PiCorder uses a Pimoroni HyperPixel screen, Pi Zero camera module, and Zero LiPo plus LiPo battery pack. With a bit of soldering, you have the hardware gubbins ready to go. It is my intention in this chapter to show you how to put together three projects , each with unique capabilities. The first project uses a standard USB webcam with a comprehensive open source software package named Motion. The second project deals with the specially designed Pi Camera , which only works with the Pi.

For a project of my interest I was looking for an IP . This project uses Windows . Then, we compare its specifications and run some tests to analyse the pictures taken from each of them in different scenarios. If you plan to use a model A, please read that article. It has a connector to be plugged directly into the Raspberry . In the past, to build a basic digital camera required an extensive amount of photography knowledge and electronics. The latest version of the camera module is V2. The camera module offers the following . The project described here used it with a source of infrared . Having everything in one place makes it . The beauty of this camera is the great library support available to customize your pictures.

Gives some great steps on adding photo effects, flipping the image, changing resolution, . A free Android app is coming soon to help you easily control your device. Note from the creators: We did consider using communicating the users programmed instructions via WiFi but went for a Pi camera -based solution in the end (we were concerned about interference at large maker events). The requirements for this project are fairly minimal.