Profibus cable

Learn how you can increase your connectivity and flexibility with Belden PROFIBUS cables. PROFIBUS FC Standard Cable GP, bus cable 2-wire, shielded special configuration for quick assembly, Delivery unit: max. Minimum order m Sold by the meter . PROFIBUS PA (Process Automation) is used to monitor measuring equipment via a process control system in process automation applications.

Siemens, Profichips, Leoni and Lap Cable. Recommended for indoor and outdoor installation, in dry and wet locations, on racks, on trys and in conduits. Not suitable for direct burial. Also especially in locations where . Technical support, fast quote and fast delivery.

A network for industrial computers made to withstand high amounts of noise. We also carry a wide range of Lapp Flexible Wire and SAB Cable products. PROFIBUS ( Process Field Bus) is a standard for fieldbus communication in automation technology. Decentralized Peripherals) is used to operate sensors and actuators via a centralized controller in production (factory) automation applications.

Profibus stands for Process Field. Variours bus cable for PROFIBUS -DP, -FMS and FIP. Fast Connect and halogen free available. Bus cable for PROFIBUS -DP, -FMS and FIP.

Topologies of SIMATIC NET. Bus connectors and preassembled cable s. Passive components for optical network s. Flame retardant data cable for the fieldbus system PROFIBUS DP and PROFIBUS FMS. The cable is for applications with fixed installation and has got a “fast connect” design. It is designed for the system-defined transmission rates of 9. You can select the style for each end of the cable from the drop-down list.

Select straight, rectangular, or degree connector for each end. A two-core round cable in a dozen designs for complex control. Superior mechanical and dynamic properties, as well as fast connections, account for its continuing market dominance. Information is subject to change without notice and warranted only to the extent agreed in the terms of contract. Conductors: bare copper 22awg – x 0. Insulation: cellular polyethylene with skin layer – 2. It links plant automation modules with the process control.

PROFIBUS uses a multi drop single cable to connect the devices. This method is cost effective especially for larger sites when compared to old methods. These cables are capable of torsion and can be used in high speeds and accelerations. Using shielded twisted pair cable , the PROFIBUS topologies utilized in the industrial environment include the following configurations: line, tree and star ( and combinations of these topologies).

The network can support up to 1nodes by using repeaters, but the number of repeaters is limited to nine.