The open source, community supported platform is ideal for developers in industry, academia, or for personal use. This affordable platform is designed for developing and implementing high performance, parallel processing applications developed to take advantage of . Duroniella parallella is een rechtvleugelig insect uit de familie veldsprinkhanen ( Acrididae). GitHub is where people build software.

Основатели проекта признаются, что черпали вдохновение из . Сами продажи начались вчера.

На хабре ранее упоминалось, например здесь habrahabr. Who says you need millions for a supercomputer? The board is intended to democratise access to parallel programming, due to the price, . Open source, affordable, fun.

Supercomputing for everyone. By connecting many simple general-purpose RISC CPUs with a Network-on-Chip memory system, the Epiphany co-processor architecture provides promising power-efficiency. Learn about working at Parallella.

Join LinkedIn today for free. We had an interesting talk last week at the Chicago Chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM Chicago).

Department of Information Technology. Erlang on the Parallella. School of Electrical and Computer Engineering. National Technical University of Athens. Magnus Lång, Kostis Sagonas.

Parallella is a single-board supercomputer smaller than a deck of cards. However, many new users find it very hard to get started with developing so. This document is a quickstart guide describing how to run Ubuntu 12.

LTS ( long-term support). The Building the FPGA bitstream and FSBL section describes how to build the FPGA bitstream with HDMI support. Before you get starte you will need to ensure you have a few . This system presents a number of interesting challenges. To make a long story short, a bare-metal application being traced is running on the 16-core Epiphany, therefore producing a stream of packets, which must be . To give a comparison, our 4. The chip offers an 80x processor density advantage over high .