An oscilloscope , previously called an oscillograph, and informally known as a scope or o-scope, CRO (for cathode-ray oscilloscope ), or DSO is a type of electronic test instrument that allows observation of varying signal voltages, usually as a two-dimensional plot of one or more signals as a function of time. Browse through a wide selection of digital oscilloscopes. An example of an oscilloscope display. A signal (the yellow sine wave in this case) is graphed on a horizontal time axis and a vertical voltage axis.

Koop of Verkoop oscilloscope op Marktplaats. A typical oscilloscope can display alternating current (AC) or pulsating direct current (DC) waveforms having a frequency as low as approximately hertz (Hz) or as high as several megahertz (MHz). High-end oscilloscopes can display signals having frequencies up to several hundred gigahertz (GHz). Basic information about what an oscilloscope is and how the test instruments are used in industrial settings for preventive maintenance and troubleshooting. De scopes die wij aanbieden hebben een bandbreedte van 30Mhz tot Ghz.

Oscilloscopen van zowel Owon, Siglent als Rigol. Zowel de Owon SDS E-serie, TDS serie als de Rigol DS en Siglent SDS zijn verkrijgbaar. The core of an analog oscilloscope is a special type of vacuum tube known as a Cathode Ray Tube, or CRT. While similar in function to the CRT used in televisions, oscilloscope display tubes are specially built for the purpose of serving an a measuring instrument. Explain how a CRT functions.

What goes on inside the tube . All sorts of questions arise when choosing a new digital oscilloscope (DSO) — it can be somewhat daunting! How many signals do you need to measure at once? PicoScope USB PC oscilloscopes. Advanced digital triggers.

Essentials of oscilloscope trigger capability including scope triggering, hold-off, trigger level and the overall operation of the trigger function. This is useful for measuring such things as clock frequencies, duty cycles of pulse-width-modulated signals, propagation delay, or signal rise and fall times. It can also alert you to the presence of glitches in your . Shop with confidence on eBay!

Bandwidth: 200MHz, 100MHz, 70MHz. Display: TFT LCD WVGA. An electronic measuring instrument that creates a visible two-dimensional graph, on a screen, of one or more continuously varying voltages or currents. We are also an authorized rental company for Keysight and Tektronix, and stock a wide variety of oscilloscopes.

Listen to the audio pronunciation in English. The watch for the electronic geek. All the features of a watch combined with an oscilloscope and a waveform generator. Create, Make, Fix Anywhere!

After starting the oscilloscope a welcome message is already loade press ▷ play to make sure your audio setup works. Then pick the audio output you want to use. This tutorial will guide you through the basics of using an oscilloscope , it is meant for someone with very little or no experience with electronics or oscilloscopes.