Odu connectors

German-manufactured Advanced plastic and metal push-pull circular connectors , rectangular connectors , electrical contacts, heavy duty connectors and cable assembly solutions. ODU connectors is a manufacturer of precision-engineere heavy-duty,high- quality connector systems and assemblies to the most demanding global markets. An overview of all ODU connectors and connector systems.

The right solution for every application. Development, production and sale of connectors. ODU Heavy Duty Connector Repair Kits for Gottwald and .

Subject, Offer, General inquiry, Assembly instructions, Other. Connectors with a Push-Pull locking system offer protection from unintentional disconnecting. Rugged design for performance and quality over many thousand mating cycles. Kg from Gurgaon, Haryana, India.

Développement et fabrication de connecteurs hautes performances pour la transmission fiable de puissance, signaux, données et fluides. The simple, hybrid connector solution for manual mating that anyone can assemble on site. This efficient connector system is a modular all-rounder . Designed to be used in severe industrial environments such as heavy-duty crane and lifting equipment at sea ports, container handling equipment, heavy duty transport systems, mobile cooling equipment, machine tools, railroads, and steel mills.

We have a full line of ODU PC Board Connectors to Heavy Duty . To create durable connectors , these properties must be adjusted to each individual application and designed to perfectly fit . As one of our franchised lines we are able to source a vast range of ODU connectors so that customers will have a wide choice when it comes to choosing the right connector for them. If you need a reliable distributor, choose us for ODU Connectors. Our range of circular connectors features ODU push-pull locking and friction locking miniature circular connectors. The ODU range of connectors includ.

For the application of connectors in harsh environments, rugged versions protect against malfunctions caused by dirt or fluid contamination and damage that might be the result of excessive external force. High-speed- connector manufacturer ODU. ODU Cable Connector Seals May Determine the Life of Systems.

Competence and innovation. ODU Connectors are ideally suited for mission critical military applications and their extreme environmental conditions . More than a thousand companies around the world produce connectors and offer hundreds of catalog products. Many also develop and manufacture Customized solutions for their. Then what qualifies CDU to be your partner for connectos?

Our magic words are: Flexibility,. Construct unique, application-specific connection devices for industrial and test instrumentation applications with ODU Modular Connectors. De ontwikkeling en productie van elektrische connectortechnologie door onze interne specialisten zorgt ervoor dat het debiet voor de persluchtkleppen met ongeveer procent toeneemt, terwijl de . ODU is a leader in high-quality interconnect products, including medical and military grade cylindrical push-pull connectors and various other types of connectors and cable assemblies.

Selwyn Electronics have been appointed as the UK Distributor for ODU connectors. A leading supplier of electrical connection technology. Connections from ODU ensure reliable transfer of power, signals, data and media in numerous application areas, such as medical, military and security, energy, industrial electronics, measurement and testing, and automotive technology.