Microdot connector

While the company makes various proprietary and . This line includes popular military parts numbers and custom configurations for specific applications. From standard Mil-Spec configuration to your custom connector designs, Microdot Connectors is equipped to handle all of your Micro Miniature subminiature and ultra miniature coaxial, custom hermetic, and space related cylindrical connector needs. We are the experts at value added cable assembly from build to print . Coaxial Connectors are designed to accept 5. Ohm miniature coaxial cables.

These connectors are available as. MCK and MCD High Density. Series, or Quick-Connect.

Connectors described in this catalog comprise a complete connector sys- tem, which is adaptable to a numerous variety of form factors. Low engaging force is achieved by the manner in which the twist pin contacts are designed. Microdot” is the name of a company, now owned by Tyco Electronics, known for making small coaxial and multi-pin connectors.

Their most famous connector has become “the” MicroDOT connector , also known as the S-50. The connector is used in small .

There are multiple sizes of connectors which practitioners tend to call Microdot. Interface Dimensions Microdot. Resilient, dimension to meet electrical and mechanical requirements. Return loss (cable connector straight) ≥ dB (typ.) ▻ Impedance Ω. Wholesaler of Cable Connectors – Microdot Connectors, Mini Lemo Connector, Microdot Connector and RF Connector offered by Gujarat Infratel, Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

THE INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS DRAWING IS THE. SOLE PROPERTY OF SOLID SEALING TECHNOLOGY. PERMISSION OF SOLID SEALING TECHNOLOGY IS PROHIBITED. It is a robust unit that uses a constant current power (CCP) supply. Connector to Cable UHV cable assemblies are fitted with male or female S-threaded.

You can get them from DPA directly, but it must be a standard part. Might one of these be they? We make over 2different electrical feedthroughs in a wide variety of terminations, maximum voltages, and current carrying capacities. To help your selection, we include a cross-reference table that gives the part number of two OEMs followed by the equivalent KJLC part number.

Most feedthroughs can be purchased on . It was originally introduced by the Microdot company in California which also gave it the name. Numerous manufacturers have developed their own variations of this connector family and usually they are compatible amongst each other. It features a neutral sonic character that is .

CONTACT TRANSDUCERS – Microdot connector. Fingertip transducers with smaller elements and case sizes where space is limite or on contour curvatures. ONLY common transducers are listed. Others also available – specify the frequency ( or MHz), diameter (5 7 or 50), .