Magenta filter

Achieve Proper Color Balance. The filter is perfect for green freshwater diving and will filter our excess green colors professionally. The Filter simply snaps onto the GoPro Herowaterproof housing.

This magenta filter reduces excess green which commonly oversaturates GoPro videos when filming in green water. Some great places to use the . These filters are used to make adjustments to the re blue or green characteristics of light.

Applications include correcting for color balance, light source variations, different reversal film batches, and other color effects. Quick product finder with information for every product in this category. The filters snap onto the GoPro securely and easily, and the glass makes them very scratch resistant with higher optical properties than plastic. The range of filters includes: Red Filter: Used in blue water.

Macro Filter: Used to shoot small subjects. Switchblade Filter: Flip between red . Dankzij het roze glas wordt de witbalans van de camera gecorrigeerd. Hierdoor zien de kleuren in je video’s er natuurlijk uit.

Dit scheelt in de nabewerking.

Het is een ideale GoPro accessoire voor duikpartijen in rivieren, meren en plassen. Magenta Filter : Used in green water. Het filter is gemaakt van hoogwaardig glas voor de beste kwaliteit en het is uitstekend . Featuring five interchangeable filters at varying depth, the Aqua Filter is the most versatile filter set for your diving adventures. Includes filters in one. De kleur rood draagt ​​slechts 5-meter onder water.

Op grotere dieptes raakt de kleur rood uitgewassen. In the previous article and during lengthy discussions on various forums, we promised to demonstrate the usefulness of magenta filters. Het magenta filter zorgt ervoor dat het kleur spectrum terugkomt in je . Those filters compensate the imbalance between the sensitivities of color channels in digital cameras. Promises should be fulfille and having this filter, it takes nearly no . It has a glass lens for superior optics, is scratch resistant and fits snugly on the camera housing.

For use during freshwater diving to reduce the green tint in photos and videos when diving below feet. Construction materials used: Filter is acrylic, O-ring is silicone, the metal ring frame is .