Linear position sensor

A wide range of linear position sensors , linear displacement transducers and linear potentiometers that offer stroke length measurements from 0. We use technologies that include potentiometric, inductive, and Hall effect, packaged in rugged housings, with mountings that give the user a wide . Wide range of sensors for linear position detection and length measurement in different designs. Traditional linear position technologies such as linear contacting potentiometers, linear variable differential transformers (LVDTs), magnetostrictive sensors , and linear encoders vary by stroke, resolution, cost, environmental resistance, as well as reliability, as depicted in the comparison chart in Figure 1. A full selection of linear position sensors that can be used to design a linear potentiometer position, linear displacement, magnetic, non contact or laser linear position sensor. Visit our site for more information and data sheets. Using two Hall cells allows absolute (single pixel) as well as differential (double pixel) magnetic field measurement. Balluff Micropulse magnetostrictive linear position sensors and linear position transducers provide a highly accurate and reliable position control signals, even in demanding environments.

Angular and position sensors from Vishay include linear position sensors , single- and multi-turn rotational precision potentiometers, and kit solutions for cost- sensitive applications. Built on technologies ranging from wirewound to conductive plastic, these devices are used to accurately control positions and to convert . Sensors, Transducers ship same day. With industry-leading research and design tools, Arrow makes finding the right part easy.

Novotechnik develops and manufactures a wide variety of rotary and linear position sensors , potentiometers, components and other industrial sensor and automotive sensor related products for motion control using contacting and non- contacting position technology for a wide range of applications in the automotive,. Engineers need to know the technology and limitations behind the available sensors if they want to make the right choice. Inductive linear position sensors are non-contact sensors using the R-L-C principle of operation, with measuring ranges up to 0mm. Veel vertaalde voorbeeldzinnen bevatten linear position sensor – Engels- Nederlands woordenboek en zoekmachine voor een miljard Engelse vertalingen. The non-contact sensor is designed for harsh environments and is submersible.

VDC – Frequency response: 10kHz – Sealing: IPor IP67. The new inductive linear position sensor by TURCK operates on the basis of a com- pletely new, revolutionary measuring principle. The positive features of standard measuring systems are combined and sys- tematically developed further.

The position is not detected via a positioning magnet but via an inductive oscillating . A position sensor is any device that permits position measurement. It can either be an absolute position sensor or a relative one ( displacement sensor ). Position sensors can be linear , angular, or multi-axis. Our LVDT position sensors , LVDT transducers, and LVIT sensors make accurate displacement measurements in harsh environments and critical applications.

With a variety of housing styles and electrical interfaces, the R-Series can be integrated into a wide range of applications. Products – Next-day delivery! What separates the GTfrom other linear position sensors ? Linear position sensors convert the position into a proportional analog or digital signal. Find all the manufacturers of linear position sensor and contact them directly on DirectIndustry.

The GET-branded linear position sensor is a resistive potentiometer: his output tension value change according to the rod position. It is used for logging any linear shifting, ideal for suspensions for instance. Characteristic of our range of Linear measurement is high accuracy, can handle tough environments, and are reliable over time.