Leica laser

De zelf-nivellerende Leica Rugby en Leica Roteo roterende lasers zorgen ervoor dat waterpas-, uitlijn- en kantrecht-toepassingen, zowel binnen als buiten, met de hoogste nauwkeurigheid worden uitgevoerd. De zelfnivellerende Leica Rugby 6horizontale laser is ontworpen voor aannemers in de betonbouw en zorgt dat nivelleringstaken eenvoudig en betrouwbaar uitgevoerd worden. Het menu met één knop zorgt voor extreme gebruiksvriendelijkheid en voorkomt foutieve bediening, waardoor de Li-ion batterij bijdraagt aan . The self-levelling Leica Rugby and Leica Roteo rotating lasers bring the highest accuracy and efficiency to levelling, aligning and squaring applications, indoor and outdoor.

Leica Rugby 8horizontal laser offers general contractors the best-performing system for any levelling and simple slope application on site. Whether it is concrete levelling, single or dual slope, the Rugby 8rotating laser delivers ultimate accuracy all day long.

Different solutions for different needs. Tackling any challenge on a jobsite, the Leica Rugby 8multi-purpose laser is the most versatile system in the Rugby 800-series rotating laser family. Designed for any levelling, aligning, squaring and plumbing tasks on site, Rugby 8delivers the highest and the most precise performance in general construction and . For as-built, topographic, detail, and engineering surveys, Leica Geosystems High-Definition 3D Laser Scanners are the way to go.

Increase productivity and reduce costs with the Leica Rugby 8and 8construction lasers , highly reliable and accurate in grade applications. The Leica Roteo 35G fully automatic horizontal and vertical green rotating laser is the perfect choice for interior finishing applications. Work longer distances without a receiver – the green beam provides better visibility in bright conditions and over long distances.

Experience the highest application convenience with the . Offering high versatility in general construction and interior applications, the Leica Rugby 6universal laser allows contractors to perform all horizontal, vertical and simple slope tasks quickly and reliably.

For easy beam detection, use the simple Leica Rod Eye Basic laser receiver. For extended range and performance, . Leica Rugby grade lasers deliver strong performance in general construction and machine control applications that require a precise grade. De Leica Rugby 8multifunctionele laser is het meest veelzijdige systeem in de familie van de Rugby 800-serie roterende laser en kan elke klus op de bouwplaats aan. De Rugby 8is ontworpen voor alle nivellerings-, uitlijnings-, kantrecht- en oploodwerkzaamheden op de bouw: levert de beste en nauwkeurigste . Designed for concrete contractors who want to achieve the highest application performance and who value the best quality, the self-levelling Leica Rugby 8horizontal laser offers the ultimate levelling solution, completed by the unique power concept, unbeatable ruggedness and the highest accuracy. Increase your productivity in levelling applications with the Leica Rugby 6construction laser.

Designed for general contractors who mainly perform formwork and concrete applications, the Rugby 6rotating laser level offers a professional but simple levelling solution with an outstanding price-to-quality- ratio. Leica Geosystems industrial laser trackers, theodolites and laser stations provide high-accuracy probing, scanning and measurement for large-volume industrial applications. Need help picking the right DISTO? Use the selection guide to figure out which one is best for you. Preferred by professionals worldwide for their reliability, Leica DISTOs combine convenient, easy-to-use laser measurement with certified range and accuracy.

With this laser distance meters you can even directly transfer measuring data right into a sketch or photo via Bluetooth 4. With the new sketch gallery you have all your sketches at a glance. Tablet and Tripod Not Included. Meten is weten, dat weet ook HST, specialist in verkoop van meetapparatuur en meetinstrumenten voor de bouw.

Met deze Leica laser meet elke professional snel en eenvoudig alle afstanden, hoeken en volumes op de werf. Met slechts druk op de knop .

Op zoek naar een Leica Laser meetgereedschap? Leica Laser meetgereedschap koop je eenvoudig online bij bol. DISTO Sketch app available for iOS . Vind leica laser op Marktplaats.

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