Isofix connectors

Firstly, make sure your car has Isofix fittings. The best way of doing this is to check your manual. Most relatively new cars will have them. Remember that the location of Isofix fittings varies between cars, and they are sometimes concealed. You will need to find: Two metal fixing points between the seat and . ISOFIX car seats and bases have ISOFIX points: ISOFIX connectors (metal bars) fit on the anchor points (metal clips) at the base of the vehicle seat.

A top tether or support leg. The top tether anchor point is on the boot floor or the back of the seat bench. Some cars have a third Isofix attachment point, for a top tether, behind the rear seat to stop the child seat tipping forward in an accident.

We document all vehicle-specific approvals for ISOFIX and Seatfix. In some cases it is possible that the bigger child seats with SEATFIX are not approved despite having ISOFIX connectors. The reasons can be the inconvenient fitting of the seat, a limited belt length or that the buckle is covered by the child seat and a safe . Install a baby seat in your Mazda car using the ISOFIX connectors.

Most countries have taken steps to make Isofix lugs a mandatory feature in cars. Though, some regions use slightly different connectors that are not called Isofix. A latch connector is made . ISOFIX car seats have two arms or connectors on the back of the seat that hook, or anchor onto small metal bars fixed to the frame of your vehicle. By pushing the seat backwards onto these anchor points, the seat locks directly onto . About of these are car seats, are car safety belts. The mechanism for attaching the seat to the Lower Anchors is quite different from that in the United States.

In the EU two alligator-like clips connect the seat to the Lower Anchors rather than the open clip style connectors. ISOFIX is an international standard that makes safely fitting your car seat a piece of cake. Instead of being strapped in with a seat belt, the ISOFIX connectors on the car seat lock into the ISOFIX anchor points built into the car.

Child Car Seats FAQs cover the common issues that arise with car seat safety. Unfortunately not, Isofix connectors can not be added to an existing restraint, they have to be designed and built into the restraint. QUESTION: Can I convert my existing child car seat to an ISOFOX seat?

ANSWER: Child restraints without connectors to fit to the vehicles ISOFIX low anchorages cannot be converted to include connectors. Straps with connectors cannot be retrofitted as the Standard required manufacturers especially state that these straps . Maar je kunt een autostoeltje ook bevestigen op een Isofix-base. Zowel de Isofix bases en de autostoeltjes met de Isofix connectoren hebben drie Isofix-punten.

Helaas is niet ieder Isofix stoeltje goed. Net als bij normale kinderstoelen is het goed je te laten informeren want er zijn Isofix zitjes die slecht uit de test van de . Combineer de Comfort Fix autostoel met Comfort Fix ISOFIX base in de auto. De ISOFIX Base kan gebruikt worden in voertuigen met een ISOFIX-connectie. Hij is gemakkelijk te installeren met slechts een paar handelingen: Schroef simpelweg de ISOFIX – connectors los tot 1graden – zet vast in zijn plaats – klaar.

Hauck Isofix-Base Comfortfix Zwart. De ISOFIX BASE kan worden gebruikt in voertuigen met een ISOFIX-connectie. Draai de ISOFIX – connectors 1graden – vergrendel – en kl.