Iec 60309

North America, Europe and Global applications. UL and European approval marks. Compliances, specifications and availability are subject to change without notice. Available in heavy duty industrial and hazardous area designs, this global . External Strain reliefs threaded to NPT housings.

Mennekes Pin and Sleeve Diagram piece Replaceable flip lid covers and locking rings. International Configurations specializes in providing quality international plugs, receptacles, cord sets, power strips and related wiring devices to original equipment manufacturers that export their products around the world. Products are manufactured in accordance to the requirements of international standards and testing . Настоящий стандарт идентичен по отношению к . Вилки, розетки и соединители промышленного назначения.

Переключаемые ответвители . Black Box Technology Product Solutions. Part 1: General requirements. Speak to an Expert today! Er is geen informatie beschikbaar voor deze pagina. Hoewel deze kabels passen op alle standaard IEC – aansluitpunten of stroomingangen, wordt de vergrendel-functie alleen ingeschakeld . Industrial Plugs and Sockets.

Plugs, socket-outlets and couplers for industrial purposes. Кабельная розетка, конт. FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Hz , and a rated current not exceeding 2A, primarily. Aansluiting (tweede uiteinde).

Such adjustments are collectively reflected in Chapter “Normative References”. Наименование на русском языке, Вилки, штепсельные розетки и соединительные устройства промышленного назначения. These products have the hour designation and ingress protection rating of IPand have a molded low profile splashproof design. These power cords are available with rubber or PVC wire and are TUV certified.

For price, availability or. This is a limited subscription and will sell out fast. Safety t Proven performance: With more than years of experience, ABB. IEC Pin and Sleeve Connectors are the brand of choice around the globe t Added safety measures: Plugs and connectors are equipped with a double cable clamp system to prevent cable detachment and provide a higher level of cable strain relief.

All BSI British Standards available online in electronic and print formats. The 125V group is easily recognizable by the yellow casing, while the 250V models can be identified by their blue color. The PCE group is specialized in the production of industrial plugs and sockets, schuko socket outlets and switches and can offer a complete range of distribution boxes in rubber, metallic and thermoplastic.