High voltage connectors

Create an account on My Lemo to follow up your orders, manage Favorites and Save Cable Assemblies. Delivering superior shielding and current density, the Imperium Connector System safely operates in extreme shock and vibration conditions found in the hybrid-electric and electrification commercial vehicle markets. Rosenberger high – voltage connector systems were developed especially for power transmission in electric and hybrid vehicles.

Up to 1kV DC for high voltage technologies and power electronics. Standard high voltage connectors for voltages up to 100kV. We offer single and multi pin HV connectors in different designs.

When require cables can be supplied terminated with HV connectors. High Voltage Hermetic Connectors. Custom modular connectors combine HV, pneumatic, signal, data and fibre-optic.

HV Connectors from Surplus Sales of Nebraska – Alden, Amp, Rowe, Voden. Manufacturer new overstock liquidation, quality high voltage connectors at surplus prices. Our portfolio of optimized high voltage solutions help ensure product safety, efficency, and versatility. Applications include defibrillation, advanced . Find all the manufacturers of high – voltage connector and contact them directly on DirectIndustry.

Dielectric Sciences, Inc. HVT Group companies, is a reputed leader in the design and manufacture of high voltage insulation systems. DSI primary products include high voltage cables and wire, HV connectors and assemblies and neutron shielding and absorption materials.

Solid Sealing Technology introduces two new series of high voltage connector solutions that are made from using alumina ceramic to metal sealing technology. These high voltage connectors feature a small, compact design with a weldable diameter that ranges from. Most people might consider the 120VAC from a wall outlet to be high voltage. While it is always prudent to consider safety regardless of the voltage or amperage, there are specific guidelines that define high voltage ( HV ) and how one designs for high voltage.

So why even worry about high voltage ? An extensive range of catalogue specified connectors and wires for designers, manufacturers and service organisations – specifically designed for high voltage applications up to 50KV DC. All our high voltage connectors are fabricated under controlled conditions. Special bonding and encapsulation . They are suitable for internal use in control cabinets as well as for device connections. Caton invented the no-corona high voltage connectors that have become the gold standard in military, industrial, consumer electronic, and medical applications. Our standard high – voltage connectors can be customized or modified to fit most any requirements.

Our unique no-corona connector interface ensures clean, . CPE provides high voltage (greater than kVdc) corona free connectors to ensure operation through extreme altitude and temperature. HIGH VOLTAGE SINGLE PIN CONNECTORS. This catalog showcases the Amphenol Alden line of standard high voltage connectors that helped shape the high voltage interconnect industry. In addition to these standard products, our experienced high voltage design engineers collaborate with customers to develop custom solutions and engineered cable assemblies . Contact Terminal: 4mm diameter gold plated spring contact.

Furukawa Electric has meny products and technologies about Next-Generation Automobiles. We introduce high – voltage connectors for HEV power sources. These connectors are equipped with either HDG or Stainless steel fasteners.

They meet the IS and NEMA standards for substation. Agricultural Industry Electronics .