Esd mat

ESD Mats are primarily used to prevent electronic circuit boards and other electronic products from damage by an electrostatic charge. Find great deals on eBay for ESD Mat in Manufacturing and Metalwork PCB Assembly Equipment. Hittebestendig rubber, 2-laags.

Gestructureer professionele kwaliteit. Bij Conrad vindt u het juiste product.

An ESD mat is a very important part of an ESD protected area. ESD mats are designed to eliminate static on its surface and of objects placed upon it. It does this by having a conductive material embedded within the mat that collects the static and sends it to ground (earth). This is usually accomplished by . The reason they recommend attachment to an electrical ground is the anti static mats have a very high level of electrical resistance. Enough to slow and control the rate of static discharge and for safety!

Ground yourself and your work surface to prevent damage from electrostatic discharge (ESD). Various sizes to fit any work station: x 2 x 2 x 48.

Professionals en doe-het-zelvers vertrouwen op de gereedschappen van iFixit om de klus te klaren. Anti-Static Mat x 20. Vind esd mat op Marktplaats. Voor iedereen een voordeel. Static Control, ESD , Clean Room Products – Static Control Grounding Mats are in stock at DigiKey.

In this video we show you the features and benefits of our range of anti-static, ESD-safe work mats. ROLL, STATFREE O, VINYL, BLUE, 0. Internet List Price 1:$916. DISPOSABLE ESD MAT , 11×14 . Premium Worksurface Mats are ideal for ESD , soldering, or assembly areas.

We stock a wide range of ESD table mats available in flexible rubber and vinyl materials, as well as rigid ESD table mats. Rubber ESD mats offer resistance to hot solder and chemicals and feature two layers – a static dissipative top and a black conductive bottom. We also supply ESD rubber mats that are approved for. Ik wil de soldeertafel voorzien van een ESD mat.

Omdat ik toch nog wat moet bestellen bij Farnell ben ik daar eens in het assortiment gaan bladeren naar beschikbare ESD-veilige tafelmatten. Twee matten komen wat mij betreft in aanmerking. Kwa prijs lopen ze euro uiteen.

Een mat van 60cm x 90cm is .