Desoldering iron

Easily disassemble for fast cleaning, tip and O ring replacement. Internal plunger pin automatically purges . Cheap desoldering tools like desoldering pumps and rubber bulb desoldering irons work unsatisfactory. Just a little video of desoldering an atari rom chip using a desoldering iron. With a vacuum bulb and a 45W heating element, this desoldering iron makes it easy to remove molten solder from boards and wires safely while still keeping one h.

DR is an iron for desoldering jobs of through-hole components and removing excess solder after SMD rework. It is capable of providing up to 160W. The exclusive JBC heating system and the suction power from MSE or MVE pumps ensure the optimum quality. When the solder container is made of glass you can see when . Used when having to desolder or remove a leaded component from an electronic assembly. The end of a length of braid is placed over the soldered connections of a component being removed.

It endeavors to provide the products that you want, offering the best bang for your buck. Spring-loaded plunger and 30W heating element removes most board level components quickly and safely.

Whatever desoldering iron styles you want, can be easily bought here. Equipment Difficulty: Difficult. Products in stock and ready to ship. Desoldering helps you undo soldering mistakes. For horizontal handling similar to regular soldering irons.

Micro finger switch controls quick start, fast action vacuum pump. Electronic temperature control. Different interchangeable . Light weight,watt desoldering iron. Built in solder sucker, 4ft, wire line cord.

Overall length of iron is 10in. Ideal for general shop use. Style Type: Replacement Irons and Pencils. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders.

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