Copper filament

Start 3D printing with real metal today with ColorFabb copperFill. Searching for an authentic metallic look? No further investigation needed!

To achieve a nice, smooth piece, . Heeft de zelfde eigenschappen als koper en voelt koud aan. Makkelijk na te bewerken en gemakkelijk te printen.

Filament for 3D Printing, 0. Polish metal filament to look like it was cast in metal! This week we show you how to print in copper or bronze. A new metal filament for 3D printing is about to be shipped to our early adopters who placed a pre-order in the last month.

A unique PLA filament with copper powder, made for desktop 3D . Due to the high percentage of fillers MT- COPPER. Reference: FLM-PLA-175-CPR. PLA is the most commonly used filament.

Produced with a micronized copper powder which has been infused into a common PLA plastic, copperFill will print easily using an all metal hot-end. Colorfabb warns against using any hot-ends which use a teflon isolator coupler, as the filament has been shown to clog these devices. Size of the coil (D x h):. Compatible with: Any printer that uses 1. Finished prints will have a reddish color, which comes from the copper itself. I was initially worried that it would be hard to get good or difficult to print correctly.

Nothing could be further from the truth, it prints easy and smoothly on my Prusa imkwithout any funny setup issues . Electrifi is available with a. Free delivery on eligible orders. Plated copper (metal) filament 1. Vacuum packaging, net weight: 0. LA as the substrate, with metal powder. The surface texture of the metal, has a gloss. Now you can print your models with a copper colour to give that shiny metallic look to your parts!

Your filament comes packaged in a vacum packed bag with a desiccant for protection and storage. Shine and shimmer just like copper with Good toughness and high strength. Colofabb India copperfill – 1.

Print and do the required post processing. D printers at the lowest rates online in Canada. Your prints will look like original metal piece. Recommend Product inquiry Přidat do wishlistu.

Excellent surface finish and premium performances are the most important things.